Enough signatures have been gathered and validated to force a special meeting to oust KBOO board leadership, wrote organizers of the effort.

Also as part of what’s described by them as an effort to return the independent radio station to its original values, the FreeKBOO Organizing Committee is asking for a strong turnout at the annual election to fill the board.

KBOO elects its board through a vote-by-mail system.

At KBOO’s general election for its 12-person board planned for Monday, August 26th, four members are being chosen. There are eight candidates running, and you can read their candidate statements here.

KBOO general board election, 20 SE 8th Ave * Monday, August 26th * 6 pm

The election comes amid an effort to recall two board members, who critics say have unduly acted in secret, mismanaged funds, unfairly dismissed employees, and created a hostile work environment.

In an email to supporters, the FreeKBOO Organizing Committee writes that they now have enough signatures to force a special meeting to remove Board President Ruban Lawrence and Board Vice President Danielle Parks.

According to the bylaws, FreeKBOO writes, the board must now set the day, time and place for the special meeting.

The petition titled “Keep KBOO True to Its Values” currently has 546 signatures. You can read more about the issue on the petition here.

Several associates of the FreeKBOO organizing effort did not respond to requests for comment, and the site, where updates used to be posted, is no longer online.

Willamette Week reports: “KBOO Staff Members Are Petitioning to Recall the Portland Radio Station’s President and Vice President”

Along with the four seats up for election, three additional seats are vacant. At the annual election the FreeKBOO committee wants the board to appoint members to those seats so KBOO can have a full board.

No July board meeting was held. The reason given by the board was that a quorum couldn’t be reached because members were out of town, the Willamette Week reported.

Read more about KBOO’s core values, mission statement, and policies here.

All KBOO committee and board meetings are open to the public.

Full disclosure: Andrew Wilkins is a sometimes volunteer and former member.