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“Fall”-ing for Kerns


This neighborhood, in the heart of Portland, is bursting full of tasty treats, inspiring organizations, and exciting events!

This November, and throughout the winter season, there are a variety of ways to keep the Kerns neighborhood lively and warm! From volunteering with community groups to exploring new hobbies and foods, this neighborhood always has something going on.

Opportunities to Engage:

KBOO Community Radio
20 SE 8th Ave

KBOO is always offering opportunities to become a member and help give back to the community. The radio station aims to help the underrepresented voices in Portland find their own voice and speak out. 

Some of the upcoming ways to start getting involved are below.

Tabling 101:

“KBOO represents in our community by tabling at events throughout the year; from the Blues Fest to College Fairs.”

Friday, Nov 22nd, 1 pm – 3 pm * free

Mini-Show Opportunity:

“One of our board Ops is opening up this air time for people interested in doing their own mini-sets. If you are interested email our Program Director, Erin Yanke, at program@kboo.org.”

Friday, Nov 29th, 8 pm – 10 pm * free

The Book & Record sale is back!:

You can help sort books before the event, or help it make it happen on December 21st from 12 pm – 10 pm at Jupiter NEXT Hotel (900 E Burnside St).

For the businesses out there, KBOO is offering a 30% discount on Underwriting on KBOO for the Month of November! For more information, email membership@kboo.org or call 971-801-1381.


All Hands Raised
2069 NE Hoyt St

This non-profit is founded on the belief that “transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of the entire community. Getting out into the community and getting engaged in our work is the easiest way to get a better idea of both the need that exists and the practices that are being tested and spread.”

Things To Do / Places To Go:

Doug Fir  
830 E Burnside St

This well-known and popular venue consistently hosts a plethora of quality entertainment. For a listing of their upcoming shows, click here.

The Building with Heather Woods Broderick:
Thursday, Nov 7th @ 8 pm * $12


Imago Theatre
17 SE 8th Ave

“Founded in 1979 by Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad, Imago Theatre’s original productions have toured internationally for over two decades.The universal nature of Imago’s work has won audience and critical acclaim in tours across Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. Imago has been hailed by critics worldwide for its sophisticated, highly entertaining works for all ages.”

ZooZoo (runs Dec 13th, 2019 – Jan 5th, 2020):

“Bugeyes, hippos with insomnia, arrogant anteaters, introverted frogs, paradoxical polar bears, acrobatic worms, self-touting accordions and tricky penguins fill the stage with wonder, awe and humor. ZooZoo has toured internationally since 2009, following on the heels of Imago’s signature work FROGZ.”


The Bossanova Ballroom
722 E Burnside St

A very busy, and popular, event venue, The Bossanova has a large ballroom with a professionally lighted stage, plus a mezzanine with it’s very own mini-stage, bar, and pool tables.

Blow Pony: A salaciously adult-themed event with non-stop entertainment, music, dancing, and fun. 

Saturday, Nov 23rd @ 9 pm – 3 am * $13


The Eastburn
1800 E Burnside St

Trivia in the Taproom with Shamrock:
Thursdays @ 7 pm and Sundays @ 5 pm * free

Whiskey Wednesdays & Open Mic:
8 pm * free

Standup Comedy Showcase with host Barbara Holm:
Mondays @ 9 pm * free


The Blue Diamond Bar & Grill
2016 NE Sandy Blvd

Blues is our business and the food is good.” This blues bar & grill has live entertainment most nights, as well as special musical guests. 

The Blue Diamond was a top-three pick for Willamette Week’s “2013 Bar of the Year” award and boasts of the “best blues and jazz music on the West Coast.” 

Fenix Rising with guest Myrtle Brown:
Nov 20th & 27th @ 8 pm – 11 pm * free

DK Stewart with Peter Dammam, Don Campbell, and Carlton Jackson:
Saturday, Nov 23rd, 6 pm – 8 pm * $15

Explore Different Foods:

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of local eateries, supply chains, or just want to investigate somewhere different for dinner, Kerns has plenty to choose from. 

I’ve selected just a few places, which will hopefully help you begin your food adventure!

Bamboo Sushi  
310 SE 28th Ave 

This amazing sushi restaurant prides itself on a transparent and sustainable model. The website allows visitors to view the suppliers and from where the ingredients are sourced and mentions that “In 2008 Bamboo Sushi became the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant.” 


2600 NE Sandy Blvd 

This isn’t your Grandparents’ kind of church. Church is a bar that hosts local DJs, and the occasional Emo or karaoke themed evening. As the website states: “the aim is to create an interactive experience born of communion, making Church much more than your local watering hole.”


Contact Lesley:

Village Portland update!

Hello everyone! It’s Andrew here, I just wanted to say hello and update you on what Village Portland has been up to.

We’ve added new neighborhoods, partnerships, and reporters— and we are stoked about some new moves in the works.

Cory Elia (Reflection: conducting the survey for the Portland Street Response) and Lesley McLam have been doing some awesome work around homelessness and homeless organizing, and are focusing in on more focused reporting on the areas of PSU and St Johns, respectively.

McLam has been reporting on Jason Barns Landing, a managed camp in North Portland that’s taking what I see as a civil disobedience approach to their camp. And their answering the question: what happens when homeless folk tire of being moved— tired of having their community scattered— keep coming back to the same place?

Both Elia and McLam are volunteers at community radio station KBOO, and use their equipment to publish a podcast called Tripp-p. Like KBOO, Open Signal, is a resource for community media creators that we’ve been collaborating with.

Another media non-profit that trains homeless youth in video storytelling we’re collaborating with, Outside the Frame, also uses Open Signal equipment.

Here’s the third episode of Village Portland Presents, a five-episode series we produced for Open Signal earlier this year. It’s a compilation of video stories, themed around community organizing and culture.

It’s been great to meet other organizations and folks passionate about independent media, and offering more folks a chance to tell their stories.

This weekend

Big things are happening on the east side of Burnside Bridge head! 5 MLK and Block 76 West are steadily taking shape. Just a few blocks away, the exterior of KEX, a Icelandic hostel, is being finished as well.

In the The Fair-haired Dumbbell, Latin-Caribbean restaurant Meridian 7 is now open. They’re having their grand opening next weekend, on Friday, September 27th.


KBOO’s Fall pledge drive:


Located south of Burnside and 8th Ave, KBOO radio has been an independent voice in Portland radio for 50 years.

They’re having their fall pledge drive right now. You can donate to the station here, or go visit their office.


Salmon grill out:


The cookout is hosted by Iliamna Fish Company, a sustainable fishing company based in Alaska. There’ll be games and prize, and you can check out Cosube’s new deck.

Cosube, 111 NE MLK * noon – 6 pm


Live music:

Rontom’s Sunday Sessions brings two live bands to Burnside once a week. This week’s show features Kulululu & LiquidLight.

Rontoms, 600 E Burnside St * 8 pm – 11 pm * free


Have a great weekend! And keep supporting your local businesses and events!


Activist hub, Cider Riot!, is for sale


There is more to the story of Cider Riot! than just the sensational headlines: it’s an owner’s dream, features local flavors, and has established a reputation as a hub for community events and fundraising for progressive causes.

Cider Riot! is located on 8th Avenue & NE Couch Atreet in the busy Burnside Bridgehead area of Southeast Portland. It boasts a cozy open bar area with a variety of flavors on tap and a few rooms off to the side decorated in eclectic themes, much in the style of some McMenamins.

And right now, this piece of Portland’s modern history, is up for sale. 

According to Willamette Week, the going price for this high-profile location is “listed on Pro Brewer for $875,000”.  Officially the brewery is listed for sale at $700,00 and the Cider Riot! Name and intellectual property is an additional $175,000.

The owner, Abram Goldman-Armstrong, is hoping to garner a lot of interest from buyers who want to keep the Cider Riot! name and operation together and as-is. But also, from buyers who share similar views on human rights, suggesting that the “other investors may not feel comfortable selling to someone who does not believe in equal rights for all humans.”

Less than two blocks from the cidery’s busy location, and next to the popular Doug Fir Lounge, is volunteer-driven and community supported KBOO Radio. An episode of Free Culture Radio titled “Politics and the Public House“, which aired September 18th and is available online, featured Goldman-Armstrong.

He reminisced about growing up on a cider farm in Yamhill County, learning the process of extracting the precious juices from apples, and the importance of yeast selection in creating a successful cider.

Armstrong would love to find a buyer for the cidery who is as passionate about cider-making as he is; fantasizing about the possibility of staying on as a cider maker if the right person steps in.

The name Cider Riot! was dreamed up by Goldman-Armstrong to honor the 1763 revolt against a new tax on cider in England. The name also embraces both the magical flavors that cider can have as well as the challenges they inspire.

The cidery began in 2013 and expanded in 2016 to it’s current production-making capacity of up to 5,000 barrels of cider per year, although the owner says that he has “yet to see a year pass the 1,000 barrel mark”.

Armstrong says he has been searching for investors on the ‘down-low’ for the past several years, in order to help increase production, distribution, and marketing, but hasn’t been able to yet discover any new viable options to keep the cidery productive for investors except for listing it for sale.

Some of the notable flavors from this cidery are:

  • Everyday semi-dry cider [6% ABV] –  available on-location on-tap and in cans at Plaid Pantries and many other stores.
  • Tres Flechas (or The Three Arrows) – The Cider Riot website states: “In solidarity with resistance to the MLS ban on the Iron Front symbol, Cider Riot! will be donating a portion of sales to Portland’s Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.” The Iron Front symbol contains three arrows.
  • BurnCider [6.3% ABV] – 2014 Silver Medal winner of the Portland International Cider Cup. From the website: “Inspired by the pub draught ciders of the English West Country, Burncider blends Oregon-grown traditional English cider apples, tart wild apples and dessert apples from Hood River.”

Cider Riot has made recent headlines due to the incident with right-wing nationalist Joey Gibson, local leader of the Patriot Prayer. Gibson planned a brawl at the establishment, on May 1st, causing the owner to file a lawsuit against Gibson for inciting the spectacle. Video evidence entered into the lawsuit shows Gibson’s group planning to single out the location due to the concept that folks who hate anti-fascism sometimes go there.

Goldman-Armstrong has been fairly vocal about his personal beliefs regarding racist and fascist behavior, while also expressing that this politically charged drama around the May Day riot and ensuing lawsuit is not the factor motivating the sale of the Cidery. In a quote to the Mercury, Armstrong said, “The City of Portland’s permit office is more of a threat to business than a bunch of Nazi trolls.”

During the five-month-long wait to receive the permits for construction, Armstrong still had to pay the City $10,000 per month in space rental costs. Expenses incurred during such lengthy waits for permitting have added to the cidery’s inability to increase production and distribution over the past several years, creating a debt that was difficult to catch up on.

However, Abram Goldman-Armstrong remains hopeful. With the increasing popularity of local breweries using locally sourced ingredients becoming more mainstream than a trend, He believes there is a real future for whomever decides to purchase the Cider Riot! brewery and brand.


Lesley McLam is completing her second degree at Portland Community College, studying journalism and communications. She’s the proud mama of a beautiful 14-year-old black cat, and a volunteer anchor, copywriter, reporter, and occasional producer at KBOO community radio who is just beginning to learn about the world of podcasting.

Connect with Lesley:

Facebook: LofaThought
Instagram: Vengeancethreat
Twitter: Human42LM
Email: Human42LM@gmail.com

Amid an effort to remove two board members, KBOO is having its general board election


Enough signatures have been gathered and validated to force a special meeting to oust KBOO board leadership, wrote organizers of the effort.

Also as part of what’s described by them as an effort to return the independent radio station to its original values, the FreeKBOO Organizing Committee is asking for a strong turnout at the annual election to fill the board.

KBOO elects its board through a vote-by-mail system.

At KBOO’s general election for its 12-person board planned for Monday, August 26th, four members are being chosen. There are eight candidates running, and you can read their candidate statements here.

KBOO general board election, 20 SE 8th Ave * Monday, August 26th * 6 pm

The election comes amid an effort to recall two board members, who critics say have unduly acted in secret, mismanaged funds, unfairly dismissed employees, and created a hostile work environment.

In an email to supporters, the FreeKBOO Organizing Committee writes that they now have enough signatures to force a special meeting to remove Board President Ruban Lawrence and Board Vice President Danielle Parks.

According to the bylaws, FreeKBOO writes, the board must now set the day, time and place for the special meeting.

The petition titled “Keep KBOO True to Its Values” currently has 546 signatures. You can read more about the issue on the petition here.

Several associates of the FreeKBOO organizing effort did not respond to requests for comment, and the savekboo.org site, where updates used to be posted, is no longer online.

Willamette Week reports: “KBOO Staff Members Are Petitioning to Recall the Portland Radio Station’s President and Vice President”

Along with the four seats up for election, three additional seats are vacant. At the annual election the FreeKBOO committee wants the board to appoint members to those seats so KBOO can have a full board.

No July board meeting was held. The reason given by the board was that a quorum couldn’t be reached because members were out of town, the Willamette Week reported.

Read more about KBOO’s core values, mission statement, and policies here.

All KBOO committee and board meetings are open to the public.

Full disclosure: Andrew Wilkins is a sometimes volunteer and former member.

This weekend

Out in East Portland, Montavilla Initiative and East Portland neighborhood activists launched a new campaign called “Enough is Enough”, calling on the City to pay better attention to homeless camps and the impact they have on neighborhoods.

It’s clear that many aren’t satisfied with the current state of law enforcement and homelessness support, but what about solutions? It’s been a year since Right 2 Dream Too has moved into their new location.

Earlier this month, OPB interviewed representatives from the neighborhood and the 100-bed rest camp who have worked together to make it a success for all involved.


All weekend, leep an eye out for The Predator, not to mention Crazy Rich Asians, if you happen to be in the vicinity of the Laurelhurst Theatre. “Known for showing first and second-run films and for serving food and beer, the theater was constructed in 1923 with an Art Deco design.”

2735 Burnside St. * Late afternoon and evening shows


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tribute: Petty Theft w/This Year’s Model will be playing their hearts out at Burnside Skate Park on Friday night, September 21st. Burnside Skatepark is a skatepark located in Portland. Located under the east end of the Burnside Bridge, the skatepark was originally built by the skateboard community without permission and eventually the city approved the area as a public skatepark.”

SE 2nd Ave. * 7 pm


Cider Riot, that chill and cozy watering hole serving house ciders made with local apples, presents The Children’s Book Bank “Cask for a Cause” on Friday, September 21st. “In honor of The Children’s Book Bank we’re tapping a very special cask of 1763 Revolutionary West Country Cider, our award-winning cider for the event” — with 50 % proceeds going to the kids’ Book Bank!

807 NE Couch St. * 5 pm – 8 pm



Cosube, Kern’s surf / coffee / and beer shop, is hosting an all day BBQ to raise awareness of a campaign to stop a pebble mine in Alaska. There’s be bands as well.

For more information on this issue, go here.


It’s bluegrass and stringband tunes from two talented pickers, Josh Cole & Marilee Hord, on Saturday, September 22nd, at the always quenching Laurelthirst Public House.

All ages can enjoy an awesome afternoon’s musicality.

2958 NE Glisan St. * 12 pm – 2 pm


Hot off the presses at the KBOO Community Event Calendar – it’s time to wet your whistle and raise a ruckus over a show called, Whiskey Dixie and the Wet Country, this Saturday night, September 22nd at the Imago Theatre. “A raunchy outlaw-country musical about a sexually frustrated cowgirl who finds herself on a tragicomic ride from Hell and will do whatever it takes to get off. Written by local award-winning and Grammy-nominated songwriter Amanda Richards and directed by Serah Pope.”

17 SE 8th Ave. * 7pm – 9 pm


You’ve probably been wondering, what are the Romtoms Sunday Sessions? Well, of course, they’re at Romtoms, the hip live-music hangout with patio, and of course, they’re on Sunday, and they’re music sessions that will keep you coming back for more.

600 E. Burnside St. * 2 pm – 2:30 am


Cast your Autotune to the wind and come out and enjoy the finest in Portland Karaoke at Trio Club. Trio offers a multi-dimensional Portland night club experience. We offer three different rooms that entertain DJ’s, Private Parties, Karaoke, Dancing, and socializing. Trio is a 21 and over nightclub.”

909 E. Burnside St. * Sunday – Thursday 5 pm – 2:30am Friday – Saturday 5 pm – 3:30am



This weekend

Summers in Portland are short and packed full of awesome events. Here are a few of the happenings in Kerns this weekend.

Here are a few photographs from last week’s First Friday PDX art walk. All the photos are from AFRU Gallery, besides the one in the lower right, which is from Cosube.

SATURDAYImage may contain: text

KBOO has been a Portland institution for 50 years, and is celebrating that legacy this weekend. It’s a broad range of music… including hip hop, reggae, blues, jam, and indie rock.

SE 8th Ave between Ankeny & Ash * noon – 10 pm * free 


Rontoms Sunday Session is: Ah God • Blackwater Holylight • Help

Rontoms, 600 E Burnside St * 8 pm – 11 pm * free


This is a short post because we’re still learning the neighborhood, but there are multiple awesome places in Kerns to gather, eat, and enjoy art and music.

Much love, enjoy your weekend!


How Portland tracks crime data— and how it doesn’t serve Kerns

Screenshot 2018-08-10 at 11.04.27 AM

It’s an odd slice of territory and an odd system, but the neighborhood system is how the City sees and communicates with its neighbors.

It’s the only way to track crime data (beyond citizen reports and unsubstantiated 911 calls), it’s the way the City communicates with neighbors about developments.

Though it doesn’t have much official power and is in flux, the neighborhood associations like the Kerns Neighborhood Association are another layer of government and a way to connect with other neighbors who care about making their neighborhood a better place.

Many think it’s a flawed system— and often it’s a forum for intense conflict— but right now it’s what we have. We’ve been reporting on these issues in East Portland for two years, and are pleased to expand into inner Southeast.